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You’ll Never Watch Porn The Same Way Again After Seeing Hot Girls Wanted

"Every day, a new girl turns 18," a man says at the start of the trailer for Hot Girls Wanted. This is true, but it becomes a fact laden with prurient, uncomfortable implications when placed in the context of pornography. Turning 18 means that a female is of legal age to work in the industry. Hot Girls Wanted, a documentary produced by Rashida Jones, and directed by two former Miami Herald reporters, provides a disturbing look at how young women are lured into the industry through unassuming Craigslist ads. Perhaps the scariest thing about the trailer alone is how differently the men and women speak about the industry. For the men, the "girls" are expendable commodities. They're easily replaced and have a shelf-life of "one year, tops." "More and more and more girls are doing it...it's gone mainstream," a male voiceover says, as the screen shows countless photos of nearly naked women, each a click away from being erased and forgotten. The women, on the other hand, are the ones being exploited and are engaging in acts with which they are not comfortable. One describes her bondage shoot as "horrible." "That last part, I hated. I was terrified; I didn't know what to do," another woman says after a photoshoot. "I didn't know if I could tell him 'no.'" Watch the trailer below. Hot Girls Wanted is streaming on Netflix now. You'll never look at porn the same way again.

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