Jon Snow Knows Everything & Ygritte Lives In The Game Of Thrones Musical

Now, Game of Thrones may not appear to readily lend itself to being a musical. Winter has been coming forever, no one can throw a damn wedding without at least one horrifying death (the North remembers, Walder Frey), and even King's Landing — the Las Vegas of Westeros — is cracking down on brothels and vice. Art has been fueled by pain for centuries, though. At least that appears to be Chris Martin's rationale for the hilarious Game of Thrones musical he concepted to support Red Nose Day. As this Behind the Music-esque documentary posted on Coldplay's YouTube channel shows, it was a tough going at first. The opening number got off to a rough start when Martin's first attempt to put lyrics to the Game of Thrones theme song included the Kardashians as one of the leading families of the realm. Targaryen, Chris...they're called Targaryens. The cast didn't have high hopes for the production, either. "One word that springs to mind when I'm thinking about this project is 'titanic' — but not in terms of the successful movie; in terms of the unsuccessful boat," Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys Targaryen, confessed. The band invited the whole cast to visit the studio and see the work in progress, but only Iwan Rheon (who plays Ramsay Bolton) and Mark Addy (who played King Robert Barantheon until he met his demise on a hunt) showed up.  Game of Thrones: The Musical seemed like a lost cause until Jon Snow arrived to save the day (as usual). It turns out that Crow knows something after all; namely, how to rally an army — or, in this case, an HBO cast — for a good cause. He can also sell the heck out of a musical number, as evidenced by his torch song to Ygritte (SHE LIVES), "Wildling: You Make My Heart Sing." Just don't tell him he's flat. "You know nothing, Chris Martin," actress Rose Leslie threatened. When can we expect to see the GoT Musical (brought to you by Coldplay)? Sadly, never, but it'll live on in Liam Neeson's cheeky behind-the-scenes narration for Red Nose Day. And, while we have you, here's where to donate to the charities Red Nose Day helps support. Now, what was that about Jon Snow wanting to take us into that cave?

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