This Frozen Theory Is Kinda Twisted

Photo: Courtesy Disney.
Kristoff of Frozen fame is cute and endearing, and has a trusty reindeer pal, Sven. But, is it possible he's hiding something? Redditor superclaude1 says yes. The theory? That Kristoff's signature outfit is made out of (gasp) reindeer fur. It's probably not all that unusual given his reindeer herder lifestyle, and the fact that he lives in an icy wonderland, where North Face jackets aren't available. Still, it's a little sad and creepy given his bond with Sven. Here's superclaude1's full theory:  "That makes it a bit awkward, tho, that Kristoff's best friend is a reindeer and he's actually wearing his skin," the poster wrote. "But in the context of the story, it all fits together. The ice harvesters must have killed Sven's mother, leaving a baby Sven for Kristoff to look after, and giving him the pelt to wear. This explains why Sven is so close to Kristoff too, and why Kristoff still wears the same pelt. The smell reminds Sven of his mum." Let's just hope Sven never finds out — and that the morbid Buffalo Bill jokes on Reddit come to a stop. Shudder. (Huffington Post)

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