The Official Amy Winehouse Documentary Trailer Is Here & It's Heartbreaking

"Always a bit upsetting in the end, isn’t it?," Amy Winehouse says in the interview footage of AMY, the documentary about her life and music that premiered at Cannes last week. We've seen snippets from the highly-anticipated film, but the official promo definitely delves deeper about what audiences can expect to see in theaters come July 2015. 

But, while fans might be looking forward to the movie, Winehouse's family has called it both "unbalanced" and "misleading." Her father went so far as to say the film made him feel sick. "Amy would be furious," he told The Sun. "This is not what she would have wanted."

Sadly, we'll never know what the singer would have wanted. July 23 marks the fourth anniversary of her death from alcohol poisoning at just 27 years old. She was right about things being a bit upsetting in the end: As curious as we are about AMY, we already know how the story comes to a close. We wish it could be rewritten. 

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