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Your Horoscope For This Week — May 24 2015

Who’s guarding the grill, patrolling the potato salad, and picking up the PBRs? Monday is Memorial Day, and hopefully your boss had the decency to give you the day off. This one announces itself with a quarter moon in efficiency-obsessed Virgo. Project-manage those picnics, and you can kick back without too many cares. Then again, you might just devote your free time to an obsessive cleanup mission.
On Wednesday, watch your words! Mouthy Mercury retrograde meets feisty Mars in Gemini, and the $%*t-talking could get OOC. Whether you say it to their face or behind their back, what you blurt, text, or tweet can (and probably will) be used against you. Filters please, people. And, boundaries too! This weekend, foggy Neptune gets into a tangled angle with the sun and Mercury, making it hard to read people’s motives. Keep those cards close to your vest. Creativity is catharsis, so instead of spilling your trade secrets, wander through a museum, call a band rehearsal, or work on that forthcoming novel.