Exclusive: Dakota Fanning Has The Creepiest New Movie Role

Dakota Fanning is no stranger to playing girls who are just a little bit...off. In 2007's Hounddog, Fanning played a troubled teen who found strength from Elvis' music, and in 2005's Hide and Seek, Fanning was eerily convincing as Robert De Niro's increasingly paranoid daughter. Even as the ostensibly perfect Ray in Uptown Girls, Fanning added a borderline unhealthy dose of neurosis to the disturbingly mature character. 

But, her latest role may just be the creepiest of all. Every Secret Thing, co-starring Elizabeth Banks, is a small-budget thriller about two teenagers who were convicted of killing a baby several years prior. After they get released from jail, another baby in the same town goes missing; detectives don't need much time to figure out who the prime suspects are. 

Fanning stars as one of the suspicious teenagers, working the black eye makeup and oddly retro costumes like the pro that she is. In this exclusive clip, the detective (Banks) attempts to question her. 

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