The Girl Who Was Using Tinder To Get Free Pizzas Speaks Out

Photographed by Sara Haile.
Booty calls, pizza deliveries: they're not so different. Actually, they have more in common than ever, thanks to one brilliant Chicago woman who goes by "Kate" and her nifty Tinder skills. The background: One night, Kate and a friend were hanging out and they were pretty hungry. Rather than simply order pizza, they decided to make a game of it: Hop on Tinder, swipe right, ask for pizza, and find the wonderful person who'd deliver. Word got out, and naturally, the Internet went crazy. Now, Kate has opened up to The Chicago Sun-Times about what it's like to be the viral "pizza girl."

"The funniest part to me is that articles were saying it was a trend; but
it really was just me and my girlfriend, so I kind of felt like I
trolled the Internet," she told them. "I don’t feel like a celebrity, but I
do enjoy reading the funny articles about it. I am still wondering which
Facebook friend [took a screenshot of] my posts and wrote the first article, which was on Bro Bible. I got a good laugh out of that one."

It is important to note that in the process of developing what has been lovingly deemed "Tinder Games," Kate was savvy enough not to give her address to her matches — she provided a nearby Starbucks, instead. When she tired of the walk, she began asking the men for confirmation numbers so she could call the pizza places herself.  She also gave the paper some pretty hilarious advice for the men of Tinder: "Don’t send dick pics. Send pizzas."

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