New OITNB Trailer Will Get You All Caught Up For Season 3

Photo: JoJo Whilden/Netflix.
Who's ready to go back to Litchfield? I imagine all of your hands are up right now. Do you remember everything that's happened on Orange Is the New Black thus far, though? Probably not, but who has time to rewatch Seasons 1 and 2?  No worries: Netflix has you covered. The 'flix just released a new trailer for the highly anticipated third season of the show. Now, you might be all, "Haven't they done this already?" Please note, however, that not only does the latest trailer provide some important reminders about what exactly is happening on the series, it also employs the same Missy Elliott song used by one of the other amazing female empowerment tales of our time: Stick It. A+ song selection, Orange Is the New Black team. If only Dominique Dawes and Missy Elliott had shown up. Oh well, this trailer is still a perfect 10. The show's third season premieres Friday, June 12, and it's already been renewed for a fourth.

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