Why You Should Never Order A Pizza To Your Uber

Photographed by Julia Lolo Wang.
Last night, we had the absolute worst Uber driver. He was rude, he didn't listen, and he ended up taking us to the wrong place. But, thanks to the notorious customer rating system, we also know we have to be careful about our behavior as passengers. So, even when we're late to a work dinner and the driver takes the worst possible route, we have to keep calm and strain to smile politely. If we act rashly, we risk being shunned by future Ubers, and we can't have that.   

Courtesy of our foodie friends at The New Potato, we now know
exactly how not to act next time we pull out our phones to grab an Uber ride. Their hilarious spoof
video, “How Uber Ratings Really Work,” teaches us to only take one water and never steal the gum (oops!), and provides a few other "tips." Most importantly, under no circumstances should you ever order a pizza to your
Uber. Good to know. 

So, check out the video for all the answers — plus Katie Couric taking the wheel as an Uber driver.

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