Meredith Vieira Shuts Down Stacey Dash’s Clueless Wage Gap Argument

Photo: Gregory Pace/BeImages.
Want to pretend that the wage gap isn't an issue? Choose to believe that women should get over demanding equal pay? Fine — but don't do it on Meredith Vieira's watch. The talk show host invited Clueless star (and current Fox News host) onto The Meredith Vieira Show to discuss gender equality. Spoiler: Dash doesn't think it's a big deal. "I believe it's an excuse," the actress said. "It's the same thing with race. It's an excuse. Stop making excuses. If there are opportunities, seize them, and be prepared for them, and be the best, if that's what it takes. If you have to be extraordinary, be extraordinary." That argument didn't hold water with Vieira, who argued that her own 22-year-old daughter would be 65 before pay equality was reached. Dash didn't buy it. "I feel like your daughter will be able to make as much money as she wants in her life, just like you," she said. Of course, there's a difference between making as much money as you want as making as much money as a man doing the exact same job. Dash continued to insist that how much you earn is a direct correlation of how much effort you put in.  "I guess won't put anything into my fate other than my own action and taking my destiny in my own hands," she told Vieira. "I will not play victim to anything." Her solution? Work harder and don't complain, because a law was passed guaranteeing equal pay. "Except we don't," Vieira argued. "We don't. We don't. We don't." Sigh. Wouldn't you just love to get Dash and Patricia Arquette in the same room? Watch the video below to see the debate play out.

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