The 9 Most Romantic Rain Scenes From TV & Movies

April showers bring May flowers — along with soaked shoes, frizzy hair, and a stir-crazy desire to chuck it all and move to the desert. Unless you have a completely different mindset about the rain: It can be the most romantic of all settings, people. Hello, Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling.
Okay, in reality, we recommend lingering in the rain to declare your undying love only if it's really, really hot out and you don't mind your shirt becoming transparent. Otherwise, your chattering teeth and/or subsequent pneumonia might muddle the message a little. This sort of thing might be best enacted by the pros. Since the ending of Breakfast at Tiffany's, drenched love scenes have become something of a tired trope — unless they're done just right. There can still be that perfect moment when dramatic weather reflects heightened emotions, and nothing, not even torrents of cold water, can stop two people from getting all over each other right then and there.
Here we've gathered nine of our fave scenes from TV and the movies that you can enjoy in the dry comfort of your living room.

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