The 9 Most Romantic Rain Scenes From TV & Movies

April showers bring May flowers — along with soaked shoes, frizzy hair, and a stir-crazy desire to chuck it all and move to the desert. Unless you have a completely different mindset about the rain: It can be the most romantic of all settings, people. Hello, Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling.

Okay, in reality, we recommend lingering in the rain to declare your undying love only if it's really, really hot out and you don't mind your shirt becoming transparent. Otherwise, your chattering teeth and/or subsequent pneumonia might muddle the message a little. This sort of thing might be best enacted by the pros. Since the ending of Breakfast at Tiffany's, drenched love scenes have become something of a tired trope — unless they're done just right. There can still be that perfect moment when dramatic weather reflects heightened emotions, and nothing, not even torrents of cold water, can stop two people from getting all over each other right then and there.

Here we've gathered nine of our fave scenes from TV and the movies that you can enjoy in the dry comfort of your living room.
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Breakfast At Tiffany's (1961)
It might be hard not to spend this whole scene worrying about Cat, who got lost somewhere in a rainy alleyway as the result of a rash decision by Holly Golightly (Audrey Hepburn) to jet off to Brazil in pursuit of a sugar daddy. Even when she does find the sopping wet feline, she does a terrible job of tucking him into her trench coat as she runs to Paul (George Peppard) for the climactic kiss. True romantics, however, should just see this as a really romantic scene with a bonus cute kitty.
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Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994)
You don't even need to know about the ways in which Hugh Grant's Charles and Andie MacDowell's Carrie keep meeting and not getting together over the course of the movie's titular events. With MacDowell looking flawless, despite being drenched, and Grant doing that adorable British stuttering thing, this scene is a perfectly wrapped romantic package all on its own.
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The Notebook (2004)
If anyone says the words "kiss in the rain," Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling's soaked embrace is the first thing that pops into your mind, right? And all other words we're writing in this space are superfluous because you've already stopped reading in order to replay the scene 14 times. "It wasn't over. It still isn't over!"
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Friends (1995)
It looked like the "will they or won't they" of Ross and Rachel would go on forever (which, honestly, a season and a half isn't even that long), when this argument at Central Perk made our dreams come true. The rain makes Ross' hangdog expression outside the door all the more poignant, but thank goodness Rachel has the good sense to pull him inside instead of joining him out there.
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Spider-Man (2002)
There's a lot to be said about how showing just the slightest bit of skin can be sexy as hell. Mary Jane (Kirsten Dunst) is showing a lot as the rain pelts her flimsy dress (and she's nearly the victim of a brutal assault). But when she pulls down Spidey's mask for that iconic upside-down smooch, it's the small glimpse of Tobey Maguire's neck and chin that sends chills down our spine. Worth all those raindrops that must have been flooding his nose, for sure.
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Pride and Prejudice (2005)
On paper, Jane Austen's scene in which Darcy declares his love for Elizabeth despite his better judgment is incredibly restrained. Director Joe Wright's adaptation held true to the author's words, but placed Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen in the middle of a rainstorm, reflecting all the turmoil these proper characters can never express outwardly. As a result, their not-kiss is every bit as exciting as if they'd stripped off their clothes.
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Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2007)
Keira Knightley gets another shot at a proposal in a downpour, with the most unconventional use of the trope we've seen to date. Elizabeth and Will (Orlando Bloom) are in the middle of sword fighting for their lives when he proposes. Their fleet-footed Captain Barbossa marries them on the spot. Hey, life's short when you're a pirate, so you've got to take these opportunities where you find 'em.
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Pretty Little Liars
Ezra and Aria, Season 1, Episode 2 (2010); Season 2, Episode 17 (2012)

You get two for the price of one here, because they're both part of the same tortured theme in the relationship of Aria (Lucy Hale) and her high school English teacher Ezra (Ian Harding). Every logical part of us says it's so, so wrong for these two to be together — and both of these hot rain scenes, first in his car, and then outside his car, take place after they've tried to stay apart. What's a little prison time/career destruction when there's this much chemistry involved? (Oh, god, just writing that made us need a brain shower.)
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The Vampire Diaries
Damon and Elena Season 6, episode 7 (2014)

Since the dawn of TVD fandom, viewers have been clamoring for a Damon and Elena romantic rain scene. Exec producer Julie Plec very adamantly said she isn't in the business of writing the show according to fan demands. At the same time, when the writers had to come up with a romantic "Delena" memory for Damon to pine over, while Elena had had it vampire-erased from her mind, they couldn't resist throwing die-hards this bone. It's everything we could have wished for, and in the nick of time, now that Nina Dobrev is leaving the show after this season.
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