Instagram Deleted This New Mother’s Account When She Posted This Photo

And last week went so well, Instagram. On the heels of its decision to explicitly allow images of breastfeeding and post-mastectomy scarring, this week, Instagram deleted the account of Scottish mother Hannah Moore after she shared the below photo of her postpartum stretch marks to the platform. "Two minutes after the picture was uploaded, my account got closed down," Moore, who gave birth to twins 10 months ago, told The Telegraph. "My mouth just dropped, and my eyes watered." Instagram informed Moore that her photo was in violation of its guidelines against "nudity and violence." (We're not seeing it.) According the The Telegraph, Instagram has apologized for the deletion, which it called a "technical mistake," and restored Moore's account, but the misstep was not an isolated occurrence. While users report "inappropriate" photos, Instagram makes the final call on what does and does not remain on the platform — and the photos it removes are, time and time again, within the bounds of its guidelines. Often, they are simply photos that fall outside the bounds of conventional (read: repressive) beauty standards. With more and more people taking to Instagram to reclaim pride in their bodies and connect with others doing the same, selective deletion is proving a recurring struggle for the platform. Time for another course-adjustment, Insta?
Photo: SWNS.

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