Jay Z Offers A New Kind Of Customer Service For Tidal

Photo: MediaPunch Inc/REX Shutterstock.
If you haven't signed on to Jay Z's latest million dollar creation, the music streaming service, Tidal, here's some incentive.

According to Tidal exec Vania Schlogel, Jay ZJack White, and other musicians have been ringing up fans to say thanks for streaming their music. Schlogel reports that one lucky user commented, "This is the best customer service call I’ve ever received!"  

The reason that musicians who use Tidal know who their biggest fans are is a little Big Brother-y, though. Apparently, one of the features Tidal offers musicians is the ability to access stats and info on who's streaming what. That includes contact info — just in case your favorite musician wants to reach out and touch someone. How this fits into Tidal's privacy policy isn't clear. Hey, at least your information is being shared with people whose music you really like. Plus, think of the possibilities! What if Rihanna called to say thanks for streaming "American Oxygen" a million times and you end up becoming BFFs?

Of course, if you make up a fake phone number for these sign-ups or just never answer your phone, then you're just SOL. And, you'll never be BFFs with RiRi. Probably. (Stereogum)    

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