This Is The Craziest Oreo Recipe We’ve Ever Seen

When we saw that a food blogger posted a completely over-the-top recipe for — wait for it — DEEP-FRIED, BACON-WRAPPED OREOS, our first thought was, Ew, disgusting. And, our second thought was, Hang on, does anyone else secretly want to try these?

Even Amy Erickson, the blogger behind Oh, Bite It and the now-viral bacon-Oreo post, acknowledges that her overly decadent idea is pretty outrageous. "This crazy creation has got to be the most insane combination of two simple ingredients that yields the BEST result I’ve created to date!" she wrote to her readers. And, yet, there's something intriguing about the idea of two of the most buzz-worthy, nostalgia-inducing foods out there meeting up in the deep fryer. It sort of makes us want to try out the sweet and savory mash-up in our own kitchens. Plus, shouldn't every food be wrapped in bacon at least once? Although, to be honest, just thinking about eating bacon-fried Oreos is kind of making us crave the world's largest kale salad. Check out Oh, Bite It for the full recipe and step-by-step photo instructions. (People)

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