The Golden Rules Of Being A Boss, According To Veep's Selina Meyer

While here in the real world, we've only just managed to have (an almost certain) major-party-nominated female candidate for president of the United States, TV land is way ahead of us, with a number of Madam Presidents gracing the screen. None, however, have been as astonishingly incompetent, foul-mouthed, unlucky, and yet admirably ambitious, inspiring and hilarious as Veep's Selina Meyer. Julia Louis-Dreyfus' character on the HBO hit is in a class all her own.

When last we left her, Meyer had just been sworn in as president (twice) following POTUS' resignation. She had also just come in third in the New Hampshire primary. The highs and lows of the situation put her in a prime position to show us what a shining example of female leadership she is. Berating employees and blaming them for not catching your errors is exactly what they teach people to do in business and management schools, isn't it? Actually, you can skip grad school now, everyone. We've revisited her tenure as vice president over three seasons and come up with an entire list of golden rules the VP has taught us about being an amazing, effective boss. 

When Veep returns to HBO on April 12, we're sure we'll learn even more.

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