Did Amy Schumer’s MTV Movie Awards Monologue Go Too Far?

Photo: Courtesy of MTV.
Amy Schumer is hosting the MTV Movie Awards tonight, and her opening routine proved that she's not holding back. The pre-taped opening had Schumer interacting with characters from some of the year's biggest movies. Brittany Snow and Anna Camp bluntly told the comedian that she's not good enough for the Barden Bellas. J.K. Simmons channeled his Whiplash character and berated her weak-sauce jokes about Chris Pratt. She made an awkward appearance in the support group from The Fault in Our Stars, where the group's leader basically wished cancer on her. That was pretty awkward — but things only got more uncomfortable once the pre-taped segment ended and Schumer emerged onstage for her opening monologue. Schumer opened her monologue with a round of self-deprecating jokes about how her stunt double in Trainwreck, her first movie, was a man. After that, she fired off a bunch of shots at tonight's host network, MTV, including a round of short jokes aimed at Snooki. This height bit led into a series of jokes about Kevin Hart, which felt a little like a Comedy Central roast. Then things took a turn. "So many great movies, this year. Gone Girl...how good was Gone Girl, you guys? Such a good movie. If you didn't see it, it's the story of what one crazed white woman — or all Latinas do — if you cheat on them," Schumer said. "That's a fact." As Schumer said that last part, the camera awkwardly panned to Jennifer Lopez, who gestured as if to say, "Why are you cutting away to me right now?" The cutaway shot was likely a choice made by producers and not Schumer, but still, was there a need to imply that Latinas all act like Amy Dunne in Gone Girl?
In the next joke, Schumer said that The Fault in Our Stars should have stuck with its original title, "Cancer Schmancer." She also raunchily suggested that, "Every time I watch those guys [in Magic Mike XXL], at least two of my fingers disappear." Oh yeah, she went there. What do you think? Did Schumer's monologue cross the line at all, or is it the type of humor we've come to know and love from her?

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