There's Probably More Arrested Development Headed Our Way

Photo: Netflix.
There will always be money in the banana stand for the Bluth family. And, by money, we mean viewers! And, by banana stand, we mean Netflix. Producer Brian Grazer and his always-astonishing hair appeared on Bill Simmons' podcast to chat about a variety of things when the Hollywood bigwig divulged their plans.
Grazer said, "We're going to do another 17 episodes," which is kinda random, even for the brave new world of Netflix streaming. It's so random that it must be true, just like Occam's razor! But, how will all of us Netflix obsessives binge-watch something for 17 hours in a row? That can't be healthy. We'll get bedsores! Or, at least couch sores.

Netflix et al had been talking about doing another season as soon as the fourth hit Netflix, and that was even with the less-than-glowing reviews. Either way, with Netflix's surge in pricy original programming, more Arrested Development seems like a no-brainer. (Vulture)

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