Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting Defends Her Marriage Yet Again

Photo: Picture Perfect/REX USA.
Easter is as good a time as any to put the kibosh on those pesky divorce rumors circling Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting and her husband Ryan Sweeting. After all, Easter isn't just for church and candy and fancy hats, or even the post-holiday candy sales! 

Cuoco-Sweeting took to Instagram to post a pic of Sweeting on the tennis court, mid-swing, with a long, long note about the strength of their marriage.

"Today is Easter/ It's about love, gratitude, and rejoicing in all that we have-so that's what im going to do- I have never been more proud of anyone on this planet- this guy is fighting back from a whirlwind of injuries and not to mention constant "conversation" regarding our marriage and basically any daily decision we decide to make. Im so proud of his passion and his inner strength to fight back, but most of all iam proud to be his wife-so all of you who take it upon yourselves to trash our marriage, daily workings of our relationship and everything in between, go ahead and keep doing it, cause it only makes us stronger- if you were smart, you would take a look at your own marriage, relationship, job etc, instead of focusing on someone else's. You might be surprised at what you find. 'You know my name, not my story'"

The Big Bang star posted super-snuggly photos of the two a few days ago, both sporting rather impressive bedhead, with the message, "We are totally getting divorced, can't you tell!!?! 4 weeks apart and finally reunited - I missed this guy more than anything!! #rumors #notpregnant #totallymarried"

But, seriously. Cadbury Eggs are on sale now. (E! Online)


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