Hulu Just Upped Your GIF Game

We've all been there. You're watching Empire, Cookie pulls a face, and suddenly you're up until 3 in the morning searching in vain for a GIF version to have on hand the next time your best friend announces she's getting back together with her slimy ex. Is it the best use of your time? Er, no. But, are you going to do it anyway because you just really need that GIF in your life? Hell, yes. Good news, guys. Today Hulu launches The Perfect GIF, a Tumblr-based, searchable GIF bank featuring images from your favorite TV shows. Because Hulu controls the licensing, the GIFs are of a better quality than the DIY ones you're sometimes forced to create. Before we were all...
Now, we're all...
It's a wonder we managed this long without it. It's even more of a wonder that our boss expects us to get any work done today.  OPENER IMAGE: Courtesy Fox. 

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