Kelly Clarkson Talks About The Fat-Shaming Incident With Ellen

Photo: Everett Collection/REX USA.
Kelly Clarkson took the mean-spirited tweets of British TV personality Katie Hopkins in stride when she eventually found out that Hopkins had been body-shaming her on Twitter. Yesterday, Clarkson opened up to Ellen DeGeneres about the online drama and how it's affected her and her fans.

Hopkins, who made a two-part television special called "Fat and Back" wherein she gained and lost 50 pounds in some sort of wanna-be Morgan Spurlock stunt, is known for saying nasty things in the press like, "I really believe that fat people's solution is in their hands. They don't need to put so much into their face." She tweeted some equally loathsome things about Clarkson in February that had fans in a fury — which only made Hopkins double down with the insults.

For Clarkson, such cruelty is nothing new. "I love how people think that's new. Like, welcome to the past 13 years!" she told Ellen. "People are like, 'I'm so sorry that lady in London was so mean to you.' And I'm like, 'Are you serious?' Like, get in line!"

It also bothers Clarkson when fans take these criticisms to heart. "I think what hurts my feelings for people is when I'll have a meet and greet after the show and a girl whose, like, bigger than me will be in the meet and greet and be like, 'Oh, God!' And they'll say, 'If they think you're big I must be so fat to them.' It's like, you just are who you are. We are who we are — whatever size." Amen. (E!

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