Your April Horoscope, Revealed

Where do you stand on the issues, stargazers? April’s theme is all about finding harmony without compromising our core truth. There’s a lot of cosmic momentum to find out what WE believe in as individuals. The sun will hang out in expressive, autonomous Aries until the 20th. Assertive Mars spends all of April in Taurus, the sign that governs our values and self-worth. On the eighth, philosophical Jupiter wakes up from a four-month nap and powers forward in bold, authoritative Leo. Translation: There will certainly be some strong opinions flying around! But, what happens when everyone wants to rule the roost? Thankfully, a lunar eclipse in peaceful, diplomatic Libra will light up the skies on April 4. This brings a reminder to consider the other side of every coin. We don’t have to be mortal enemies with the “other,” we can respectfully disagree. Finding tolerance could be the biggest learning experience we’ll have all month — with strangers and loved ones alike.