Melissa McCarthy Brings The Girl Power In New Comedy From Bridesmaids Director

Photo: Courtesy of 20th Century Fox.
Melissa McCarthy and director Paul Feig (The Heat, Bridesmaids) are a match made in blockbuster heaven, as you can see from this trailer for their upcoming action comedy, Spy. McCarthy stars as Susan, a FBI analyst who is disappointed that her days spent working have resulted in being relegated to a desk job. It's not fair that Bradley Fine (Jude Law) gets to go out and fight the bad guys, play with cool gadgets, and wear sweet suits! Susan finally gets her chance at the big time when a nuke-wielding terrorist named Reyna (Rose Byrne) appears on the scene.

Jason Statham and his stubbly scalp co-star as a grumbly spy whose identity is compromised, and the awesome Allison Janney plays a typically badass CIA agent. And, let's never forget that Byrne is a comedy ringer, as we learned from her performances in Neighbors and Bridesmaids

The movie premiered at South by Southwest to rave reviews, and as its June premiere gets closer and closer, well, it's just getting harder to wait. Although Susan is trussed up in cat lady gear out the wazoo, it's clear that she gets a chance to dress up, look fierce, and kick some serious ass.

Spy opens on June 5.

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