Emilia Clarke Reveals Why She Turned Down Fifty Shades

Photo: Matt Baron/BEImages
Emilia Clarke is our Khaleesi and she's about to be our new Sarah Connor. Would we have been able to handle it if she were also our Anastasia Steele? Back when the Fifty Shades of Grey casting rumors were flying around, the Game of Thrones star was a front-runner for the role — and a fan favorite, too. Now, she tells The Hollywood Reporter that she has "no regrets" about turning down the role.

"I'd done nudity before and was concerned with being labeled for doing it again," Clarke said. Wow, now that Dakota Johnson is reportedly angling for a big raise for the next Fifty movie — and considering all the things she's shown on TV up to this point — that is quite the bold decision on Clarke's part.  

As the article points out, Clarke hasn't had to contend with being labeled as Daenerys — mostly because her platinum-blonde look on GoT is so different from her own brunette beauty. Now that she's stepping into the iconic Sarah Connor part of Terminator: Genisys — to be followed by an adaptation of Jojo Moyes' Me Before You — it looks like she really won't have too many regrets. We really shouldn't question the Mother of Dragons on these things.

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