Stop Freaking Out About The First Lady’s Hair, Please

Michelle Obama was on Jeopardy!  last night, but you probably knew that already. Why? Twitter went crazy the second the first lady popped onto our television screens. But, it wasn't anything she's working on that got people buzzing — it was because she appeared to have changed her hair. Sure, at certain angles, and in certain lighting, the first lady's hair does look different. Unfortunately, the "new" look completely eclipsed the reason Mrs. Obama was on Jeopardy in the first place: She recorded her video questions to coincide with National Nutrition Month. She's been raising awareness around healthy eating and fighting childhood obesity through her program Let's Move, which she started in 2010.  Those weren't the hot-button discussion topics last night or this morning. Instead, Mrs. Obama was reduced to her hair. Her important message was overshadowed by the fact that it was pulled back fairly tightly (which, if you look at this photo, it clearly appears was the case). And, if she were a man whose hair looked a little different than usual, we doubt people would have even noticed.  This isn't about politics — it's about common decency, people. Let's allow Michelle Obama — an established lawyer, a public servant, and our first lady — to be more than her hair or her clothes. At the end of the day, who really cares whether she changed her hairstyle? To answer in proper Jeopardy! format: "Who is nobody?"

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