This Is What “Fashion Talk” Means To Apple

Photo: Courtesy of Business of Fashion/Vogue China
Over the past several months, Apple has made no secret of its goal of breaking into fashion circles. And, between model Liu Wen debuting the Apple Watch in Vogue  China, the company's fashion exec hires, and, of course, the product's sleek design, we have to admit that Apple is doing a seriously impressive job of making this techy accessory stylish. But, this industry cred is apparently not enough, because we just got word that store employees are changing up their sales strategies in order to cater to a fashion crowd.   According to, employees are encouraged to offer suggestions about how the watch can fit into all aspects of the customer's life — including his or her wardrobe. The website revealed that specific prompts have even been provided: "Employees have been told to make comments such as 'you seem to have a fun style. I think the pink sport band would match your style perfectly,' or 'the white strap looks great on you.'" This sales technique is reportedly inspired by the same one that a salesperson would use at an eyewear store — which begs the question of how seriously you should take feedback from store employees in the first place. We'd trust the Apple Geniuses with the lives of our iPhones and laptops any day. But, when it comes to fashion (and dropping thousands of dollars on a watch), we'll probably bring along a friend for a second opinion. (9to5Mac)

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