Carvel Has A Nutella Milkshake, What Else Do You Need From Life?

With the advent of spring comes the official beginning of ice cream season (the best season!), and popular purveyors of  sweet frozen treats, Carvel, are upping the ante with the introduction of what is sure to be our new dessert addiction: The Nutella milkshake. (Sincere thanks to Grub Street for bringing this important development to our attention. Our tastebuds salute you.)  

Following the off-the-charts success of their Nutella ice cream flavor in 2014, Carvel is back with the “Thick Shake,” made of drool-inducing Nutella soft-serve and topped with whipped cream and a decadent “Nutella drizzle.” Lovers of all things hazelnut can also indulge in a variety of sundaes topped with any combination of Nutella, banana, chocolate crunchies and whipped cream—through May. Why do the best things never, ever last?

So don’t delay: Find a spot near you and satisfy that sweet tooth. We just might be behind you on line.       

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