Frat Suspended After Posting Nonconsensual Photos

Photo: Rob Carr/Getty Images.
The Penn State chapter of Kappa Delta Rho could be facing serious consequences after police discovered a private Facebook page where the frat allegedly posted nude photos of sleeping or unconscious women, likely without their consent. The fraternity has already been suspended, and participants may face sanctions from the Interfraternity Council (IFC) as well as potential misdemeanor charges.

Local news channel WJAC TV reports that police received a tip about two private Facebook pages created and operated by members of Kappa Delta Rho. The first, titled “Cover Business Transactions,” had been shut down after a victim allegedly found it online, but a page called “2.0” had replaced it. Police say this private page had more than 150 members (both current students and alumni) and featured images of drug transactions, hazing, and naked women.

The page has since been shut down, but officers claim to have obtained approximately 20 photos for evidence; they also obtained warrants to search several computers, but were unable to find anything more and said that the machines had been wiped clean.

Executive director of Kappa Delta Rho Joseph S. Rosenberg issued a statement saying that the chapter has been placed on full suspension and that KDR national leadership will work with the “appropriate agencies” as well as the university to discipline the responsible parties as the investigation continues to unfold. One thing is certain, though: Between the outright bigotry at Oklahoma State and this clear violation of privacy at Pennsylvania State, it’s been a bad month for frats so far — and an even worse month for the people victimized by those frat members' actions.


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