This Anti-Urine Wall Is Technology At Its Finest

There’s a reason San Francisco is considered the epicenter
of tech. And, it’s not just because giants like Google and Facebook and every
start-up under the sun call it home. No, it's for shining technological
achievements like urine-resistant walls.

If you’ve spent any time in certain parts of S.F., there’s
no masking the potent scent of the pee-covered alleys and streets. It has become such a big issue, in fact, that the Department of Public
Works is looking to test a liquid-resistant paint to prevent people from openly
relieving themselves in public.

The paint, dubbed Ultra-Ever Dry by Ultra Tech,
is already proving to be helpful in Hamburg, Germany, where according to SF Gate, city
officials use it to spray in the St. Pauli Red Light District. How does it work? Once the offender attempts to urinate on the
surface, the liquid is repelled back onto his or her feet and legs — making for a
really messy surprise.

Right now, the Department of Public Works is looking for
specific areas in the city to test and is taking suggestions. (You can
even email the department here if you feel compelled.) While a less aggressive solution might be adding more public restrooms, we admit this is a much more interesting option.

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