Watch Ellen & Michelle Obama Get Down To "Uptown Funk"

Michelle Obama did some major hip-thrusting for today's Ellen DeGeneres Show — all in the name of getting people in shape, of course. And, for some reason, it makes us feel more optimistic about our country knowing that the First Lady can get down with that "Uptown Funk." (At least this is major progress from that ridiculous Forrest Gump spoof starring Hillary Clinton that's making the rounds.)

Beginning with some grade A banter, Obama explained to Ellen that this year's White House Easter Egg Roll was being taken over by her Let's Move campaign, complete with a choreographed dance performed by her and the So You Think You Can Dance all-stars. Turns out, she had challenged fellow amateur booty-shaker Ellen to learn the steps, too.

"I'm very busy, very, very busy and I'm not really good at choreography. I'm more of a free style," DeGeneres hedged, not too convincingly. To no one's surprise, the pair performed the dance to Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk" perfectly, with the help of those SYTYCD alums all around them.

We're six years into the Obama administration, and it's still amazing sometimes to see how far both the POTUS and FLOTUS have come in using pop culture to make the White House seem like they're of the people. Can you even imagine Laura Bush dancing? Or W reading mean tweets on Jimmy Kimmel Live? Mind you, they're not doing these things instead of their official responsibilities. Just taking a minute to remind us they're in touch.

By the way, that other first lady we love, Scandal's Mellie Grant (a.k.a. Bellamy Young), was also in the studio, just to blow our minds.      

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