The Final Trailer For Insurgent Asks Us To Stand Together

"Dark times call for extreme measures,” Kate Winslet says in the final trailer for Insurgent, the second film from the Divergent series. The Divergent problem has reached a level that threatens the so-called perfect society Winslet's character oversees. Ansel Elgort says it best when he tells Shailene Woodley, "You are living proof that the Divergent problem has grown beyond all control.” The new trailer also alludes to Tris' anger and how it's beginning to consume her. She's even gotten a haircut to prove it. (You know what they say about women and haircuts...) This is our last look at Insurgent before it hits theaters March 20. It's down to a community of outcasts to save what little version of "normal" society they can. May the odds be ever in—oh no, wrong dystopian YA reference, but you know the drill.

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