John Travolta Blames Goldie Hawn For “Adele Dazeem”

John Travolta famously flubbed the pronunciation of the  "wickedly talented, one and only" Idina Menzel's name at the 2014 Academy Awards. He called her Adele Dazeem. A Travoltafier meme was conceived soon after. This year, Adele Dazeem herself got some sweet revenge on Glom Gazingo. She was lighthearted about the whole name-jumble thing, quipping that it wasn't "going to follow me around for the rest of my life or anything." But, Travolta's "Yeah, tell me about it" cut a bit deeper because it has followed him — all year long, at least. He stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to explain the whole thing, once and for all. Basically, at last year's awards, Travolta had thought he was supposed to be onstage later than he actually was. And, his page was stuck in an elevator somewhere, so another rushed to get him, or something. After a bit of confusion, the Grease star bumped into Goldie Hawn backstage. Due to how "charismatic, sexy, [and] beautiful" Hawn is, Travolta says he was so starstruck that he didn't process the page's update on his cue cards. Apparently, they had changed the spelling of Idina Menzel's name to its phonetic one, which apparently translates to "Adele Dazeem," apparently. "I didn’t rehearse it that way," Travolta told Kimmel.   "So, this was Goldie Hawn's fault!" Kimmel replied.  "Maybe," Travolta continued, before asserting that his flub had actually made Menzel's year. Um, hasn't he heard of Frozen

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