Kelly Osbourne Just Threw MAJOR Redhead Shade at the Oscars

Photo: Matt Baron/BEImages
The opening moments of the Oscars red carpet aren't typically thrilling;  a few celebrities trickle in, and we half-listen while we wait for the heavy hitters to appear. But, if you were watching E!, you may have noticed a strange comment pop out of host Kelly Osbourne's mouth. While discussing some of the presenters of the evening, Kelly mentioned Jessica Chastain and her fiery red locks. "There are so few people who can rock red hair and be elegant and as gorgeous as she is," Kelly exclaimed. Those of us with DVRs immediately hit rewind to see if she had actually just said what she said. Sure enough, though, there it was: Kelly throwing some pretty unwarranted shade on redheads everywhere.  Whether or not she meant it, Kelly was basically saying that redheads can't typically be elegant and gorgeous. While her comments towards Jessica were totally glowing, she (perhaps unwittingly) claimed that most redheads can't be elegant on the red carpet. As if your hair color has anything to do with any of that. Sorry, Kelly, but we can think of a bevy of women who sport red hair on the red carpet and look incredible — Emma Stone, Julianne Moore, Christina Hendricks, and Amy Adams are just a few. We can even pull up Ann-Margret, if we're going to go #TBT with this whole thing. Point being that elegance is not dictated by your hair color and generalizing a woman based on her hue isn't just rude — it's plain silly. Moral of the story? Think before you speak. Gingers of the world, keep on being your elegant, gorgeous selves.

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