Missy Elliott's Tiny Backup Dancer Is All Grown Up

Alyson Stoner was a badass little girl when she appeared in Missy Elliott's videos way back in the '90s, rocking a serious ponytail and even more serious moves. Stoner, who's now 21, broke it down in videos for "Work It," "Gossip Folks," and "I'm Really Hot," and her performances were so memorable that lots of folks were hoping she would be the meta-surprise guest during that Superbowl half-time show. She wasn't, but that hasn't stopped her from paying tribute to the influential MC with a fun dance video on YouTube.

Stoner told BuzzFeed, "I was on a plane coming home from a film premiere when Missy surprised the world! I turned my phone back on and received over 600 messages asking if I was there and if not, why!" It doesn't hurt that Stoner herself is a multi-hyphenate with a bunch of projects cooking. "I have new music with an urban/pop flare that she would tear up. Missy, let's start a new wave of music!"

The response to Elliott's appearance has been so positive that there are rumblings she's working with Timbaland on a new project. For now, it's all conjecture based on some Instagram pics posted by Timbaland and ASAP Ferg of themselves with Missy in a music studio, but that's good enough for us. Just get near the equipment, Missy, and it will be automatically cooler by proxy. 

In the meantime, check out what Alyson Stoner's up to. Not too shabby. [BuzzFeed]

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