Amy Schumer's Trainwreck Trailer Is Here

A rom-com featuring LeBron James? Just go with it.

Comedian Amy Schumer just tweeted out the first trailer for her upcoming film, Trainwreck. Schumer wrote and plays the lead in the Judd Apatow project, which sees her as a monogamy-eschewing New Yorker with a "sick apartment," a love of one-night stands with Mark Wahlberg types, and a job at a men's magazine. 

Quick reality check: Why does every fictional magazine have a snooty British editor-in-chief? Are we really supposed to believe that Tilda Swinton would head up a GQ surrogate? Or that Schumer could work there without being able to name a single sports team? That said, we adore Tilda and the Orlando Blooms joke was cute, so proceed. 

Long story short, Schumer hits it off with sports doctor Bill Hader. He's the kind of guy who watches Downton Abbey with LeBron  — before he moved back to Cleveland, anyway — and actually calls for a second date. What's a commitment-phobic modern gal to do?

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