When Is It Okay To Say A Celebrity Is Trans*?

Lately, you may find yourself wondering: Is it okay to out someone as trans* — if they're a celebrity? Am I entitled to boldly proclaim my assumptions about another person's gender identity? Is respecting privacy just a lame thing for chumps, or a behavior I should consider as a healthy adult?  If so, read on: We've compiled a handy guide on when it's okay to report that another person is trans*, non-binary, or undergoing sexual reassignment surgery. Just answer the following questions.  1. Did that person decide to tell the world they are trans*? That's okay! 
2. Did that person wear a color you associate with a gender that is not that person's biological sex? No, not okay!
3. Did that person, publicly and of their own volition, decide to tell the world they are trans*?

That's okay! Good for them! 
4. Did that person decide to start or stop wearing makeup? 

That's not okay. 
5. Did the person decide to tell the world they are trans*? 

That's okay! 
In seriousness, everyone's entitled be the gender they want to be, and to have sex with the gender they want to have sex with. They're entitled to share or not share that information with the world when they choose to. In the meantime, let's give everyone the privacy they deserve. Have a great weekend! 

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