Brittany Maynard's Husband Shares His Wife's Final Moments

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It's been 74 days since 29-year-old terminal cancer patient Brittany Maynard ended her life at her Oregon home, with her closest loved ones — including her husband, Dan Diaz — by her side. This morning on The Meredith Vieira Show, Vieira sat down with Dan, as well as Brittany's brother-in-law Adrian Diaz, to discuss Brittany's decision, and to share how she spent her final moments.
"You don't want to let go of your loved one," Dan stated. "But, to suggest that she should suffer for me, for anyone? No... That's what you struggle with. Here's the person I love, and I don't want to see her go."
Dan is confident, however, in his support of his wife's choice to end her life her way, before her brain cancer ended it for her. "It truly was the most peaceful experience that you could ever hope for when you talk about a person's passing," he said. "The suffering and the torment and everything she had gone through, that was finally lifted."
Now, Dan keeps a memento of Brittany with him at all times. "I have her driver's license," he shares, tearing up. "Most people don't take very good DMV photos, but of course hers was, in my view, stunning. I carry that with me, and every time I open my wallet, I see her smiling face." Also in the video, Vieira notes that California (Brittany's home state) is about to review legislation to legalize aid in dying. Learn more about the campaign to extend aid-in-dying rights at the website of Compassion & Choices.

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