Gwyneth Paltrow Shares A LOT With Howard Stern

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Gwyneth Paltrow stepped into Howard Stern's famously controversial studio for the first time today. "I've been avoiding you for 20 years," Paltrow said with a laugh. She shared a lot about her life, including what she thinks about Chris Martin dating Jennifer Lawrence, and what it's like to be best friends with Bey.
"Gwyneth Paltrow. Wow is that you?" Stern opened with when she came into the studio.
On Being Hated
After complimenting her looks, Stern jumped right in. "You're a leading lady, do you worry about getting older?"
Without missing a beat, Paltrow said, "No, I really feel like appreciative that I've managed to keep working and I have an interesting life and I don't mind my wrinkles and stuff."
"But, as a woman, you get so evaluated, especially you..." Stern said. "Do you pay attention to that stuff?"
"I basically don't read anything; I live in a media vacuum. I just feel like in a way, a lot of this stuff is projection and it's not really about me. I feel like the me in my life with the people that I love is one thing, and I feel like I'm sort of this cartoon character out in the world that people say things about...and I'm able to make the separation. It used to really hurt my feelings, but now I genuinely see it as not about me."
On Jay-Z and Beyoncé
While Paltrow's best friend is a woman she met when she was four, Stern pressed her on her famous friends. "My best famous friend is Cameron Diaz and Jay and Beyoncé."
Stern immediately asked about the incident in the elevator with Solange. "Remember a couple weeks ago they were in an elevator, there was a you just lay low or do you call and say 'Gimme the scoop'?"
"I never say 'What's going on?'— but if any of my friends ever have anything like that, I call right away. Absolutely...if someone's clearly going through something, I always go straight for it."
Her Breakup With Chris Martin
On conscious uncoupling: "It's about being friends and doing things together — there might be times when i don't want to see him or he doesn't want to see me, but you don't need to make it all tense..."
On Dating
Stern asked Paltrow about the story Chelsea Handler told about her marriage advice, where she supposedly told Handler at a party: "Whatever you’re feeling, do the opposite. Go at him with love and you give him a blow job."
"Well, when I was originally having this discussion with her, she's this powerful woman," Paltrow explained. "But it's okay to be a girl sometimes and make him feel like a man."
Howard's response? "If you were my wife, I'd be picking fights with you all the time."
On Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr., and Johnny Depp
"I would play Pepper Pots again, because I love Robert and I love being with him." The actress explained that when first Iron Man movie was being made, "it was kind of a dark horse" and she was surprised by the success.
"Robert deserved a big comeback like that," Paltrow said, adding, "Robert has always of those that's at a high level. Robert, Sean Penn, don't care if someone's drinking. They're an artist, and I had always wanted to work with him."
Paltrow, who stars in the upcoming film Mordecai — a humorous take on British caper flicks — did the film because she wanted to work with famously quirky Johnny Depp.
"What was that like?" asked Howard.
"He's brilliant. Well, he has a little thing in his ear and he listens to music during scenes," she said. "On this movie he was listening to...big band."
As Paltrow was getting ready to leave, Stern threw a final question at her, asking if she was worried about the women Chris was dating being around her kids. "Are you worried about Jennifer Lawrence?
"You have to trust that person, you know, that they wouldn't bring anyone not good around your children."
Listen to the entire (nearly two-hour!) interview on SoundCloud.

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