Willow Smith's New Song Has "Heart"

Willow Smith's uploaded a little ditty named "Heart" to her Soundcloud account last night, and it's a nice, trippy way to kick off your Friday.
"I thought I'd post a little something celebrating the end of the chaotic time whilst I wasn't able to log in this account," she wrote, and then signed off with a Na'vi phrase from James Cameron's Avatar, "Eywa Ngahu." It's a little early and everyone's a little too sober to get into the whole Avatar spiritual/ecological constructed reality, but Eywa is a sort of planetary deity. "Eywa Ngahu" just means "Eywa be with you," a sort of hippie goddess thing to say.
Thanks, Willow — Eywa be with you too! Anyway, that gives you a good idea of the Age of Aquarius vibe that the song's lyrics have. It has a very light, trip-hoppy vibe that would be right at home with the sweeter songs by '90s favorites like Massive Attack, Portishead, and Lamb.
Smith released the EP 3 in November, but it's high time that this cosmic babe drops a full-length album already. Check out "Heart" below.

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