Get Your Fifty Shades Of Grey Tickets Now

It's time to put those twitchy palms to use. Tickets for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie are officially on sale. The movie, which has been teasing us with titillating trailers for the past few months, finally premieres on Valentine's Day. Are your whips and chains ready? Just kidding. Sort of.
Anyway! You can finally buy tickets on Fandango. You know you want to see it. It's time to see who your real friends are. What else were you planning to do on Valentine's Day — go on a date with your significant other? Why not take that special someone to see Christian and Ana play their sordid game of cat and mouse in the red room of pain? Afterwards, you can have a frank discussion about safe words and what the heck you just watched. It'll be a real bonding experience...or a bondage one.
Mr. Grey will see you in the theater now.

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