Someone Set Fire To The Iconic Mrs. Doubtfire House

Photo: Via Google Maps.
San Francisco has made appearances in a flurry of films over the years. And, while we don’t always embrace the way the city is depicted on-screen (ahem, Blue Jasmine), we'd be hard-pressed to find an S.F.'er who doesn't love Mrs. Doubtfire — especially the picturesque townhouse where the fictional Hillard family lived. It's kind of the best and most nostalgic movie locale, right up there with the Full House casa. Located on Broadway and Steiner streets in Pacific Heights, the famed house has flourished into a mini-tourist site; even 22 years after the movie's release, we still drive out of our way just to pass by every now and then.
But, apparently, not everyone feels so warm and fuzzy about Mrs. Doubtfire. While the city (and the world) continues to mourn Robin Williams' recent death, SF Gate reports that the real-life mansion was set on fire last night, January 5, at around 8 P.M. Luckily, the fire was contained and the damage was fairly minimal, but investigators are calling it an act of arson. According to reports, two individuals allegedly started a fire on the doormat and the garage using an accelerant (like gasoline), then scurried off as the blaze spread. No arrests have been made as of yet, and the motive remains unclear.
We can't understand why anyone would want to mess with such a beautiful, iconic piece of San Francisco's cinema history, but we do know this: Mrs. Doubtfire would not approve.

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