34 Stars Who Emerged From The WB

Gather 'round, kids, we've got a story to tell. Once upon a time — actually, it was 20 years ago — some network bigwigs decided to create a TV channel that would give small-screen-starved folks something to watch besides Fox and the Big Three. It was a miraculous event, because back then Netflix hadn't been invented yet, only your cool friend Stacey had cable, and, really, Beverly Hills, 90210 just wasn't the same without Brenda. Anyway, they christened this new network The WB. Witches, vampire slayers, and precociously articulate and neurotic teens named Dawson and Rory sprang forth.
It's been over eight years since The WB shut down and paved the way for The CW, but that doesn't mean the network wasn't a success story. Countless shows — Gilmore Girls, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Felicity, Dawson's Creek, Popular, Smallville — remain huge fan favorites.
Meanwhile, the actors who appeared on those shows have gone on to win Oscars, make serious Hollywood bank, and marry (and divorce) Scientologist action heroes. Michigan J. Frog, alas, was last seen playing the slots at a Delaware casino with Mr. Floppy from Unhappily Ever After. But, everyone else? They're good. Ahead, see what they've been up to.

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