Disney Star Shuts Down Critic With One-Armed Pushups

As far as Disney villains go, Beauty and the Beast's Gaston is the worst. He's got a creepy ponytail, he's arrogant and simple-minded, and he seriously can't handle rejection. He's not even awesomely evil like other baddies like Ursula or Maleficent. He's just the animated equivalent of every cocky, Jordan Belfort wannabe who tries to buy you a drink and calls you a name when you don't accept.
Still, you've got to give credit where it's due. When a tourist confronted the poor guy who gets paid to walk around Disney World dressed like Gaston, the character didn't shy away from proving himself. Because they're dudes, the men decided to face off in a time-honored pushup contest. Because we're not dudes, we're going to unleash a giant eye roll.
Alright, so that one-handed stunt was pretty impressive. The Gaston-hater got served. Gaston can brag about it for another week or so. Fine. We still know Mulan could wipe the floor with this meathead though, right?

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