Watch An Oddly Mesmerizing Video Of Candy Canes Getting Made

Ever wonder how your Christmas candy cane sausage gets made? Let the talented sugar artisans at Lofty Pursuits in Florida show you how it's done. In this seasonal edition of "Public Displays of Confection" (A+ punning), the shop revives Victorian techniques of making candy canes by hand. The video is oddly mesmerizing. There's just something hypnotic about watching that not-quite-liquid, not-quite-solid sugar getting spun.
The process involves stretching sugar over and over again until it finally takes shape, then weaving in the signature colors. Finally, the canes are shaped into their signature shape and masterfully honed into a final product that looks and tastes delicious. It's a long and arduous process. On the plus side, however, making candy canes by hand appears to be an amazing arm workout. Yum and done.

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