Recut Home Alone Is The Scariest Movie Ever

Kevin liked being home alone. Did he like it so much he'd kill to keep it that way?
In this reimagining of a film that's already most parents' worst nightmare — you know, forgetting your kid when you go on vacation, no big deal — Kevin shows his true colors.
Filmmaker Bobby Burns, who also does movie reviews, recut Home Alone into a parody that takes writer John Hughes and director Chris Columbus's film in a completely different direction. Mainly, a direction in which Kevin uses his Roadrunner vs. Coyote devices not just to protect his home, but to kill.
Considering the in-depth investigation from Grantland into the idea that Kevin grows up to be Jigsaw from the Saw movies — yes, that's a real theory — this recut doesn't seem that off-base. Think about it: clever gadgets for harming people, parents who constantly forget him, anger control issues. It's terrifically creepy. Watch if you dare!

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