When Bad Bangs Happen To Good People

Like just about every girl in America, I went through a bangs phase. Scratch that — I went through a few. Probably, because I'm a masochist. Anyway, every single time I asked for bangs at the salon, it would go terribly wrong. I'd walk in asking to look like Jane Birkin or Alexa Chung, and walk out looking like I've been blasted with a snowblower for 20 minutes.
Talk to many women today, and you're likely to hear similar tales of woe about "that one time I got bangs" and how their visions of adorableness went horribly, horribly awry. Well, our injustices have not been suffered in vain. Dolly Sketch Comedy has released a PSA warning against the dangers of this ubiquitous hairstyle. It is, in a word, riveting. I'm only half-kidding.
The video "interviews" a handful of women and one poor, bangs-plagued man about their fringe failures. One woman alleges that all of her sorority sisters started copying her once she adopted the style. Her reaction? Kind of crazy. Another claims that her bangs growing-out period caused her fiancé's untimely death. The moral of the story is that bangs are evil and you should avoid them at all costs — unless your last name is Deschanel or Chung.
Watch the video above, and remember: Be-fringed celebs only look good with bangs (and baby bangs, which is an even bigger feat — way to go, Beyoncé), because they have teams of stylists who follow them around to make sure that fringe always looks fierce. That, and they're magical unicorns.

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