Of Course Nicki Minaj Loved Her Birthday Card From Beyoncé

Beyoncé updated her website for Nicki Minaj's birthday. She posted a simple black and white portrait of her "***Flawless" collaborator's high school visage smiling at its audience. "Happy birthday Onika," it read. "Wishing you a happy birthday!" She then signed it "B" because Beyoncé has carpe diem'd the crap out of the second letter of the alphabet, making it entirely her own.
Now, you'd have to be a person sans soul — the Birthday Grinch, if you will — to not freak out over a card from Beyoncé. Minaj is a lot of things, but a soulless celebrity with a flippant attitude towards her peers is not one of them. Her lively Instagram caption is a testament to this.
Like us, Nicki "Onika" Minaj bowed down to Beyoncé. According to her, she's "#EVERYTHING. PERIOD." Sheesh! Never mind Nicki celebrating herself on her birthday. She single-handedly turned the spotlight onto her super-famous well-wisher. Oh well! A happy Beyday, indeed.

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