President Obama Takes On The Colbert Report

President Obama had quite the busy day on Monday — and, as his critics will no doubt point out, none of it involved Eric Garner, Michael Brown, or other pressing domestic issues. (It is, however, worth noting that his BET interview aired last night and touched on these topics.)
The day began with a meeting with Prince William in the Oval Office. According to the BBC, the British royal spoke about the birth of his son, George, as well as his efforts to protect endangered wildlife. The prince is in Washington D.C. to deliver a speech to the World Bank on that topic.
Then it was off to the set of Comedy Central's The Colbert Report, where the Commander-in-Chief engaged in some faux-frosty banter with outgoing host Stephen Colbert. After kicking Colbert off the stage to deliver the "word" (decree), he and the comedian sat down for a lighthearted chat about the midterm elections, family, and Colbert's chances of getting the nuclear launch codes.
"You’re not going to get close to even one number in the nuclear launch codes,” said Obama in reply to Colbert's attempts to guess the top-secret codes.
With his jibes about burning the Constitution, Colbert may have played the tough critic. Apparently, though, that's nothing compared to what the "teased president" faces at home.
“[They] give me a hard time,” Obama said of the ladies in his life. “There are no trumpets.”
Watch the interview below.

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