New Janice Dickinson Interview About Bill Cosby Reveals Graphic Details Of Rape Allegation

On December 2, Janice Dickinson gave an emotional interview with CNN. In it, she asked that Bill Cosby come forward and admit that he raped her. Today, the supermodel gave an interview with MSNBC's Ronan Farrow, in which she provides specific, graphic details about her alleged rape.
She also addresses accusations from Cosby's attorney Martin Singer that she's lying about her assault. According to Singer, if Dickinson had truly been raped, she would have come forward a long time ago — namely, in her 2002 memoir. Dickinson explains to Farrow that she told her friend Lionel George about what happened the next day, and that, at the time, she was paralyzed by fear to do anything further about the incident. "I must be a bad person. I must be a slut," she tells Farrow she thought at the time. "I just remember the fear. If this gets out, will people think I'm a whore? That I'm lying?"
According to Farrow, authorities are willing and prepared to reopen the case, regardless of the statue of limitations that may be in place.
Dickinson closes the interview with a message of empowerment to the other women who have accused Cosby of similar events.
Ahead, Dickinson's intense interview with Farrow. Warning: Dickinson's interview contains graphic language and images.

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