10 Lingering Questions From Peter Pan Live!

Photo: Nino Munoz/NBC.
Last night, NBC returned with its second live musical extravaganza following last year's The Sound of Music. If Twitter data is any indication of success, then Peter Pan Live! was a raging one. #PeterPanLive managed to trend during the entire duration of the program, which was no less than three hours long. Plus, the musical kicks off with a lullaby ("Tender Shepherd"), tempting viewers with sleep instead of a grand adventure to Neverland.
Whether you tuned in with genuine interest or planned on hate-watching, the story of Peter, Wendy, and the Lost Boys pulled you right in. J.M. Barrie's ode to boyhood and children growing up without mothers is a fascinating study of masculinity and queer allegory. Plus, watching Christopher Walken basically be Christopher Walken (albeit with a hook on his hand and some seriously arched brows) made it almost worth the three-hour runtime.
Even though we're well-versed in the tale, NBC's Peter Pan Live! left us with some lingering questions. Please join us in crowing about them.

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