You'll Never Guess Who Spotify's Most Streamed Artist Of 2014 Was

Photo: REX USA/MediaPunch Inc.
Spotify released its list of the most streamed artists from 2014 this week to the collective sound of "What? Really?"
Ed Sheeran was the streaming service's most popular artist this year. Blame it on living in an urban bubble where Top 40 jams are enjoyed ironically over a PBR in a dive bar that has Buck Hunter in the corner, but Sheeran isn't the first artist that comes to mind when thinking of 2014's most popular. Katy Perry, who was the platform's most streamed female artist, seems more believable. Hell, even Iggy Azalea's omnipresence wasn't enough to triumph over the English singer/songwriter.
No matter, though. Sheeran's oeuvre is pretty spectacular and having an artist that's doesn't get down to the sick 808 beat is welcome. Although, had his BFF Taylor Swift not pulled her entire discography from the music service, we'd probably be writing a different story.
Oh well. She and Spotify are like, never, ever getting back together.

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